IIIA Soft Armor Panels (Paraclete CVC Cut)
Saber Solutions LLC

IIIA Soft Armor Panels (Paraclete CVC Cut)

Regular price $800.00

Premium Level IIIA soft armor cut for Paraclete CVC armor carriers. Armor carriers must be shipping in for work to be completed. We will reach out after your order is placed.

Composed on a Twaron/Dyneema. Comes in a pair; front and back panel.

US sales only and made to order in the USA with a two week lead-time. Price is for a pair; front and rear panel.


Weight: 0.86 lb/sq-ft

Thickness: 0.21 inches

This is not Paraclete or Point Blank brand armor. These respective trademarks are used to refer to a style of body armor cut.

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