M-LOK Grip Enhancement Panel
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M-LOK Grip Enhancement Panel

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The M-LOK Grip Enhancement Panel is the answer to increasing weapon control and maintaining positive grip.

The mineral coated panels provide traction in all conditions while the acrylic adhesive ensures adhesion on plastics, metals, and composites in a wide range of temperatures. The M-LOK Grip Enhancement Tape does not appreciably impact the circumference of the gripping area, all while providing a gripping surface that is superior to most rail panels on the market. 

The M-LOK Grip Enhancement Panel is delivered in a pack of seven and panels can be trimmed down to user-specific lengths or configurations. 

Designed to be compatible with all hand guards that meet the outlined dimensions in the Magpul M-LOK TDP and Made in the USA with American materials. 

The following steps must be taken for proper installation.

  1. Prepare application surface by degreasing with acetone. Brake cleaner or isopropyl alcohol will leave a residue but can be used if necessary. Do not to touch application surface after this time or use powder-free disposable gloves.
  2. Plan panel layout and trim to desired configuration
  3. Heat hand guard surface with heat gun or hairdryer warm to the touch.
  4. Remove adhesive backing and apply each panel, one at a time. 
  5. Press firmly throughout panel from one end to the other to ensure adhesive is bonded to the surface.
  6. (Optional) Wrap panel surfaces tightly. Adhesive will be at full strength in 24-48 hours. 

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